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Download Tekken 5 for PC
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Download Tekken 5 for PC: Tekken series continue the development in providing the gamer with extra thrill and entertainment by introducing Tekken 5 for PC. This game really enhances the level of fighting, by doing a lot of improvement in its previous versions. Now gamer who love to play fighting games gets more features in this game. New fighting techniques are introduced in Tekken 5 for PC to getting better attention from the gamer. You just need to download this game on your computers and start playing this game.

Download Tekken 5 for PC

Why Tekken 5 for PC is the Best Option for the Gamer

Tekken 5 for PC has taken this series back to its beginning. This game is started from the basics and go to a higher level. This game is for all gamer, who are new, and for those who already familiar with this game.
Improve the visual quality Improve the graphics quality Improve the fighting techniques Introduce new fighting pattern Introduce new crush system in Tekken 5 for PC You can easily customize your chosen character Improvement in game playing mode Include story oriented mode.Now there are a total of 32 characters by introducing 7 new characters in Tekken 5 for PC

Wall Juggling Concept of Tekken 5 for PC

Tekken 5 for PC done a lot of improvement in wall juggling concept, which also includes in Tekken 4. But now characters can more easily defend their self from the attacks and jump across the wall. Players now more easily move their character from back and front position for a better attack on their opponent.

Customization of Characters

In previous versions of Tekken game, you can only customize their characters outlook. You can add more costume in Tekken 5 for PC. Additionally, you can also customize their characters fighting techniques. You can also add weapon in their costume for better defend and attack the opponents. Now you can purchase many accessories by using the game currency.

Graphics Quality of Tekken 5 for PC

The developers of Tekken 5 for PC is done many improvements in enhancing its graphics quality.

  • Improve the color effect of the game
  • Improve the visual clarity
  • Add more lighting effects
  • Improve the animation quality
  • Improve the brightness of the game
  • Improve the costume of characters
  • Improve the background and stages for fighting

Speed of the Game

The improvement in the speed of the Tekken 5 for PC is remarkable. Now there is no time difference between the instruction you give from your finger and it transmits it into characters mind. Characters are response immediately as you give any command to it. This improvement really enhances the level of the game. Additionally, it provides a great defense against the opponent.

Beat ‘em Up Mini-game feature

       Tekken 5 for PC includes a feature of Beat ‘em up in their Tekken Force.

  • This mini game pursues the undertakings of the Jin Kazama as he looks through the G Corporation in the quest for data on his missing mother and different answers.
  • Being to some degree story arranged, the player isn’t allowed to utilize their very own selection of characters like the last emphasizes.
  • The game additionally utilizes a constrained catch framework, joining a Block and Jump catch just as estimating down the assault catches to basic “Punch” and “Kick” catches.
  • Alongside battling distinctive Jack models in the little game, the player must seek after minor key journeys to continue.
  • This mode is one of the 2 different ways to open the playable variant of Jin’s Devil manifestation, Devil Jin.

Minimum System Requirement for Tekken 5 for PC

  • Window XP/ Vista / 7 as the operating system
  • Minimum Pentium 4 as a CPU
  • Processor: 2.8GHz
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM is required
  • Graphics Card: at least 256 MB
  • At least 2 GB space required on Hard Disk
  • Sound Card: Windows Direct X 9.0 Compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Mouse and Keyboard.


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